"The 7 Brothers From McNairy Co. TN Theory"

Thomas R. Morrow Jr. - July 2, 1998

This Theory is an attempt to follow the John Morrow family of 1840 Ripley Co. MO back to 1830 McNairy Co. TN.

Here is the family. No effort has been made to trace the females other that the eldest. It appears that we have an elderly gentleman living with a younger wife and their family (his second wife?) John The Elder would have been between 42 and 52, and Mrs. John The Elder between 22-32 at the birth of the first child.

Husband & Wife

John M. The Elder b.1760-1770

Mrs. John The Elder b.1780-1790


John M. b.1812 TN

Jesse V. b. 1814 TN (NC?)

David J. b. 1815 TN

William b.1818 Alabama(?) (1850 Ripley Co. MO census). Married June 1840 Ripley Co.

George W. b.1822 TN

Benjamin B. b.1820 Alabama (?) (1850 Wayne Co. MO census)

Isaac N. b.abt1823-27?

Note: birthdates with ? were extrapolated from Ripley County, MO marriage dates. It is estimated that they married between 18 and 22 years of age. Other dates and birth states were obtained or derived from other census data. Conflicting data on Jesse's place of birth.


1830 McNairy County, TN Census

Morrow,John pg.135 112300001-2100001


1 < 5 Isaac N. - age 3-7?

  1. 5-10 George W. - age 8
  2. 10-15 Benjamin B. - age 10, William - age 12
  3. 15-20 John M. - age 18, Jesse V. - age 16, David J. - age 15
  1. 60-70 John The Elder
  2. Females:

  3. <5 JTE Daughter 2 & 3
  1. 5-10 JTE Daughter 1

1 40-50 Mrs. John The Elder


  1. This John Morrow (John The Elder) is the only one in 1830 TN whose "wife" and his ages exactly match the ages from the 1840 Ripley Co. MO census. The 1830 TN John Morrows were copied from a complete printed copy of the census in the Fayetteville, Arkansas library. This household has the oldest male of any John Morrow 1830 TN household.
  2. Given the ages of the male and the eldest female inhabitants of the 1840 Ripley Co. MO census this is really the only John Morrow household out of 12 in 1830 TN which matches the age distributions.

Goodspeed - James B. Morrow article - John M.(The Elder) , Jesse V.'s father, moved to Butler(?) County about 1833.

Feb. 28, 1835. Ripley Co. MO - Jesse V. Morrow, age 20 m. Lucinda Brannum

  1. MO - David J. Morrow, age 19 m. Lucinda Young

Jun 25, 1840. Ripley Co. MO - William Morrow, age 18-22 m. Oma Brannam

1840 - David J., Jesse V., and William are now married and heads of their own houses.

1840 MO Census

Morrow, David J. - age 25 Ripley Co. pg.350 00001-2001

Morrow, Jesse - age 26 Ripley Co. pg.350 10001-0001

Morrow, John - Ripley Co. pg 350 0011200001-00020001


    1. 10-15 Isaac N. - age 13-17
    1. 15-20 George W. - age 18
    2. 20-30 John M. - age 28, Benjamin B. - age 20
    1. 70-80 John The Elder
    2. Females:

    3. 15-20

1 50-60 Mrs. John The Elder

Morrow, William Cowan Twp, Wayne Co. 00001-00001


1 20-30 William - age 22


1 20-30 Oma Brannum - age 20-22?


  1. James Brannam is very close (7 dwellings) to Morrows in 1840 Ripley Co. MO census. James Brannum was the father of Lucinda Brannum who was Jesse V. Morrow's bride. Lucinda and Oma sisters?
  2. David J., Jesse, and John are the only Morrow's listed in Ripley Co. They live next to each other. They are all next to one another on the census.
  3. William is the only Morrow listed in Wayne Co.
  4. There are no Morrow's listed in Butler Co.
  5. All known male Morrow's from marriage records 1835-1845 and census data 1840 Ripley and Wayne Co. MO are now accounted for in the theory.

We now have these Ripley Co. MO Morrow marriages. They either just moved there or they are the young men in the 1840 Ripley Co. MO John Morrow household. If they just moved there and the theory is wrong, what happened to the young men in the 1840 Ripley Co. MO John Morrow household?

Jun 10, 1841. Ripley Co. MO - George W. Morrow, age 19 m. Sara P. Jones

Apr 14, 1842. Ripley Co. MO - Benjamin B. Morrow, age 22 m. Sarah Crank

Jun 25, 1845. Ripley Co. MO - Isaac N. Morrow, age 18-22 m. Lisa Ann Sturret

About 1842-47 - Goodspeed's James B. Morrow article - " Butler County, Missouri, where Mr. and Mrs. Morrow both died within a few hours of each other, when James B. (b.1839) was but a boy". The manner in which Mr. & Mrs. Morrow are referred to implies that they are the parents of Jesse V. who is James B.'s father. This would mean that Mr. & Mrs. John M. "The Elder" Morrow died. It is also implies they BOTH are the parents of Jesse V.. There was only one male Morrow old enough to be Jesse's dad in the 1840 Ripley Co. MO census, John The Elder.

1847-48: John M., Jesse V., and George W. Morrow moved to Van Buren County, Arkansas.

Theory: These boys moved to Arkansas and separated from their brothers after the death of their father.









1850 Missouri Census

Note: Need to check these census' for ages and places of birth of David and Isaac.

Ripley Co. 77th Dist. pg.421

Dwg. 146 Morrow, Wm 32 b. Ala

Norma (?) 28 b.MO

Jesse 28 male b. MO

Ruth 9 b. MO

El(?) 7 female b.MO

Luisa 5 female b.MO

Rebecca ann 2 b.MO

Butler Co. Dist. pg 150 Sept.4,1850

Dwg. 3 Morrow, Benjamin 30 b.Ala

Sarah 28 b. Ala

John 4 b. MO

Easter (female) 9/12 mos. b.MO



Note: William and Benjamin have Alabama listed as place of birth. This is either a new place or these are different Morrow's.

Morrow, David Wayne Co. 101st Dist. pg 193 is NOT the David from the 1840 Ripley Co. MO census. He is too old. Need to look elsewhere.

Macon Co. 52nd Dist. pg 185 dwg.1027

Morrow, Isaac 28 b.MO Farmer

Selea(?) 20 female b.MO

Martha 1 female b.MO

Note: T.R.Morrow 7/22/1998 - This is the only Isaac or I* Morrow in the 1850 MO census index I have.


  1. This in only Isaac in index book. Macon Co. is several counties north of Wayne, Ripley, and Butler Cos.
  2. The age of this Isaac Morrow does not fit the profile of the young man in the John Morrow households of 1830 and 1840. The age is off by about 2-3 years. Also, the birth place is shown as Missouri about 1822.
  3. The wife's name does not seem to match the bride of Isaac Morrow in 1845 Ripley Co. MO. research.
  4. Macon County, MO is several counties north of Ripley, Butler, and Wayne. If this is our Isaac he moved far away from the rest of his brothers.
  5. Need additional research to determine if this is the same Isaac which married in 1845 Ripley Co. and the young man in the John Morrow households of 1830 and 1840.


1850 Van Buren County, Arkansas Census

Morrow, Jesse - Grigg Township. Page 644. Dwelling 359. Jessie V. Morrow 36 M b.TN Farmer, Loucinda 30 F b.MO, James 11 M b.MO, Sary E. 8 F b.MO, Ruth Ann 2 F b.MO.

Morrow, John - Craig Township. Dwelling 294.

MORROW, John 37 M b.Unknown Farmer, Mary 26 F b.MO, Sary 8 F b.MO, Isaac J. 5 M b.MO, Matilda 4 F b.MO, Benjamin F. 3 M b.AR, John W. 1 M b.AR, Marget 10/10 M b.MO.

Morrow, George - Independence Township. Page 642. Dwelling #347. MORROW, George 28 M b.TN Farmer, Sary P. 30 F b.AL , Martha E. 8 F b.MO, Richard H. 6 M b.MO, John M. 4 M b.MO, Sary 1 F b.AR, JONES, Richard 62 M b.VA Laborer.