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(?), Christina to Boyd, Myrtle Ann
Boyer, Elizabeth to Carroll, Zelf
Carter, Caroline to Dickens, Carmelia
Dickens, Caroline to Dickens, Martha
Dickens, Martha to Edens, William Pinkney
Edward, Nancy to Grimmett, Robert
Grove, G. L. to Hill, Richard
Hill, Robert to Jennings, Willie C.
Johnson, Amanda Adeline "Addie" to Kirby, Laura
Kirby, Leander Matilda to Ladd, Homer Richard
Ladd, Howard William to Ladd, Thomas D.
Ladd, Thomas Easley to Maxwell, Mary Agatha
Maxwell, Maurice Jefferson to Morrow, Louisa
Morrow, Lucinda to Powers, Susan
Prewitt, Andrew to Shearin, William
Shemwell, James to Sutherland, William Lawrence
Swift, Arthur August to Vann, Samuel T.
Vanostrum, Myrtle to Zollicoffer, Mary Ann

Main Page - Surname Index