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My Ancestors Plus Descendants
There are currently  5210 ancestors, descendants, and their spouses in this online database.
Last updated: Nov. 29, 2010


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Privacy Notice
Detail information on living individuals is NOT included in the online databases.

I cannot take credit for all the work represented in these pages.    It contains genealogies contributed by many people.   I and my children owe them all a great debt of gratitude.

Disclaimers, Etc.:
1. I do not guarantee this data to be accurate! It merely reflects the state of my research at a given time.
2. Feel free to use this information. It is here to share as others have shared with me. I try to include sources for information when I have it.

3.  If you see something you do not like please ask nicely for it to be removed or updated.

Please do not send me data unless you wish to share it with others!

I am researching these and other families from
whose descendants migrated to and through Central, Western, and Northern Arkansas between 1820 and 1900:

Adams, Anderson, Atkinson, Baldwin, Baker, Binford, Black, Boyer, Brannum, Burrows, Carter, Castleberry, Cooper, Dickens, Dobbs, Ellyson, Gambell, Garton, Gerard, Goodwin, Graves, Handley, Harman, Harrington, Higgs, Hill, Hunnicutt, Jennings, Johnson, Keesee, Kirby, Ladd, Loyd, Maxwell, May, Mayall, McGeehee, Moore, Morrow, Nixon, Petty, Prewitt, Ray, Rowland, Shearin, Shemwell, Simmons, Smith, Stevens, Tucker, Vandegrift, Webb, Whitmell, Wills, Wyke.

Corrections, Additions, Comments, and Cousins are welcome and appreciated! GEDCOM is also available.

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Early Morrow Research Project

A collection of documentation and research notes to coordinate the search:

 Find John Morrow Documentation

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My "Current" early Morrow Theory

Tom's Theory

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Please send data, critiques, corrections, and alternate theories to me at the e-mail address above.


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